NP Dutt & Sons




Company Profile

N. P. DUTT & SON is a GMP certified homoeopathic manufacturing company and 160 years is one of the leading homoeopathic medicine traders in West Bengal. Keeping in the mind
that homoeopathy serves mankind without having any sorts of side effects into accounts,
the main motto of the company is to serve the people of India with the best quality of
homoeopathic drugs in the form of MOTHER TINCTURE, POTENTISED MEDICINES, BIO
OINTMENTS. Company have succeeded in providing the best quality with an effective
pricing throughout various states all over India and constantly being upgraded for reaping
benefits in terms of quality, productivity and lasting customer relationship.


Why Us

Each & every medicine is prepared through the production guidelines of HOMOEOPATHIC PHARMACOPOEIA OF INDIA which prescribe the course of manufacturing details from starting material to final product packed ready to use. The result is a product that delivers the healing that it promises.

N P DUTT &  SON is a professionally managed company comprising a team of professionals who combine traditions of excellence with modernity of manufacturing, marketing and management practices. Our Research & Development team is on continuous process in product and process development, testing methods and validation of efficacy of existing and new products in our well resourced scientific laboratory. In our continuous improvement procedure we have been able to have GMP certification recently as we believe that every consumer has the right to receive the medicine of the best quality & such liability of quality lies on us. GMP offers guidelines & standards for manufacturing process & premises.

It details standard on location, surrounding, building, plant & equipment, quality control, raw materials & procedures etc to ensure that the customer get the best quality products as per the prescribed standards laid by the Government. Over the decades we are constantly in the process of serving our nations despite of every up & downs in our industry. We believe & try to maintain genuineness in terms of products or service to our each consumer. Let us hope that through this revised book one could be able to explore our several products in details & will grant us a possibility to serve them.